27-29 AUG 2021 (NSW)


Within 2 hours’ drive of Sydney CBD, our rides will take in the rolling hills of Bowral, Berrima, Exeter, Robertson and Kangaloon. Our main event ride will include the beautiful Southern Highlands so the group will cover a variety of rolling hills, short steep climbs, and awesome descents.

Come for the ride, stay for the off-the-bike stuff.

Payment plans and group discounts are available – please email info@cyclewell.com.au for details and to book.

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DAY 1 – 27 AUGUST 2021


Arrive at Base Camp in Bowral.
Introduction to cycleWELL team and other camp attendees.


  • Group Ride – approx 2 hours including coffee

  • Resilience, Performance and Wellbeing Workshop

Understand the theory behind positive psychology and learn practical and proven skills to improve your mental and physical resilience. This workshop provides an introduction to evidence-based positive psychology theories and tools that have been used throughout the world for the last 20+ years by multinational corporations, the US Armed Forces, professional coaches, corporate trainers, athletes and medical practitioners alike. The workshop will help you to identify your ‘Signature Strengths’ through the use of the ‘VIA Character Strengths Finder’ and will highlight the necessity for and benefits of developing a Growth Mindset and actively cultivating optimism in your daily life. The ‘Big 3’ Resilience tools of Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness practice will also be introduced and coached in this session and throughout the weekend.

  • ‘7 Elements’ Life Planning Workshop

Learn how to break your life into 7 core ‘Elements’ and then systematically set specific, values-aligned goals to improve those Elements over time. The 7 Elements Life Planning system has been successfully and continuously used by hundreds of people throughout Australia across the public and private sector, amateur and professional sporting clubs, community and not for profit organisations. This workshop provides the back story and context to how Paul O’Brien developed and used the ‘7 Elements’ system first-hand to work his way through significant life challenges including a fight with cancer, a relationship breakdown and troubled business ventures leading to financial ruin. When combined with the knowledge of your Signature Strengths and a commitment to adopting a Growth Mindset, this planning tool becomes extremely powerful and creates immediate, sustained purpose and momentum toward achieving your goals.

  • Finances and Relationships Workshop

Take a deep look into your relationship with money and how that affects your values, actions, goals and definition of ‘risk’ where money is concerned. Financial stress is one of the most destructive elements on the wellbeing of individuals and the success of intimate relationships. There is simply no avoiding the fact that money matters. In this workshop Ash McAuliffe will share his 20+ years of experience as a Financial Advisor and give you some tips and a process that you can use to get a better understanding of your relationship with money, your partner’s relationship with money – and how you could potentially arrive at a mutually agreed relationship to the stuff that makes the practical everyday world go ’round.

  • Body Weight Training Session and Active Recovery

  • Bike Maintenance Workshop

DAY 2 – 28 AUGUST 2021



  • Group Ride – approx 4 hours including coffee

  • Personality Types, Stress Response, Relationships and Communication Workshop

Did you know that men and women often respond very differently to stress? And did you know that these different responses are often the catalyst to those arguments and tension points in a relationship being inflamed? In this interactive and flat out enlightening workshop, the team from Mens Toolbox explain the different ways men and women respond to stressful situations and how, armed with this knowledge, we can defuse many potentially relationship-harming interactions where stress and anxiety is high and both parties are in an emotional ‘flurry’.  This workshop can be a game changer for your relationships and the way you work together to get through tough times.
  • Men’s Health Workshop

There is a genuine mental and physical health crisis in Australia. The government acknowledges it and the statistics around mens health are simply undeniable. Do you know your family risks of heart disease, cancer and mental illness? Do you know your current vital indicators around cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI? Did you know you can get a free heart health check through Medicare? Do you know how to access a free Mental Health Care Plan through Medicare? Have you had your prostate checked? Do you know what effect alcohol can have on general health and on your erectile function? Dave – our Mens Health Nursing Practitioner – answers all these questions and more in this often hilarious and always engaging and insightful workshop.
  • Guest Speaker

  • Individual Work on ‘7 Elements Plan’

  • Group Personal Training Session

DAY 3 – 29 AUGUST 2021



  • Recovery Ride – approx 90 minutes

  • Mental Health Basics and First Aid Session

Do you know the difference between and the signs of Anxiety and Depression? Do you know how your actions could be interpreted by a partner or mate who is suffering from either (or both) of these mental health issues? Do you know how to have ‘the conversation’ about the mental health of someone you love? Do you know how to express your current mental health condition with family, mates and health professionals? Do you know how to get yourself or someone you love the help they may need via a Mental Health Care Plan or other Mental Health Services available in Australia? This workshop will dispel some myths around mental health and provide you with the confidence to have ‘the conversation’ needed to help someone you care about.
  • Summary, Wrap-Up and ‘Next Steps’ Session

  • Sign-off on Your Personal ‘7 Elements Plan’

cycleWELL Camp ends at 3pm.

3 DAY cycleWELL CAMP TICKET $1,950



  • food and drink for every ride
  • qualified first-aider on each ride
  • support vehicles
  • accredited ride leaders
  • we’ll even change your flat tyres for you!


  • your twin-share accomodation
  • your coaching
  • your workshops and activities
  • your meals
  • your coffees and beers


cycleWELL is a Mens Health social enterprise invested in encouraging men to become more engaged in their mental and physical health through dedicated, men-only cycling camps throughout Australia.

Our goal is to build an engaged community of men who will actively share the the research-backed knowledge and skills they learn from us, along with the life lessons they learn from each other, across the Australian cycling community to improve the health outcomes of all Australian men.

3 DAY cycleWELL CAMP TICKET $1,950



We’re confident you’ll love our camp, but if you come to a cycleWELL Camp and don’t feel it was worth your time, we’ll give you a full refund and offer you a FREE ticket to our next camp.


If you purchase a ticket to a Camp and its dates are changed due to COVID19 regulations; you can attend the re-scheduled Camp or swap your ticket to another available cycleWELL camp.