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This article will talk about harnessing the power of group training. It is in our nature to train as a group. We are encouraged, motivated and supported by others to go further, longer and faster…

Cycling is unique to many sports as it can be practiced alone or in a group. We have the best of both worlds in that respect. I recommend that you aim to become a cyclist who has a well balanced mix of group sessions and solo sessions in your routine each week.

As with all team sports, the power of group training is well documented. Take full advantage of the companionship and groups in your local area as they will help you to continue your routine through the depths of winter and help you push yourself to new personal bests on many levels. The adrenaline rush of riding in a peloton and the feeling of achieving speeds you could not ever have dreamed of is amazing. The Peloton is wonderfully addictive and perhaps the attraction can be traced back to the tribal days of our ancestors of running in packs.

Solo training sessions are equally as important as group training. Solo riding improves your technique, mental focus, breathing and spatial awareness of your surroundings. These sessions can help you concentrate on a training zone or specific efforts on your program. Often solo sessions can be done indoors on a set of rollers, rear wheel trainer or a fixed ergo bike. This allows you to focus at a deeper level, on balance, torque effectiveness or power zones without any distractions or variables that may occur outdoors.

Remember a balanced mix of both group and solo training is the key to many years of happy cycling.

Congratulations on improving your physical and mental wellbeing by getting on the bike.

Train smart.


Matt Wallace

Matt Wallace

Matt Wallace is a highly qualified cycling coach, former athlete and owner of Coachpro®. Matt and his team map out our cycleWELL Camp group rides and training sessions and host bike maintenance and basic mechanic workshops.